30 09, 2017

Construction Technology Exploration with Learning Visit to Glodon HQ, Beijing, China


24th September 2017 – Glodon valued VIP clients from Jakarta, Indonesia visited the Glodon Headquarters in Beijing, China. There were a total of 9 guests ranging from directors, cost managers, project managers, MEP managers, BIM managers, who came from 6 different Construction Companies. They arrived on 24th September 2017 and stayed for almost 6 days, with the objective to learn and explore various technology provided by Glodon to enhance efficiency in the construction industry, and also to understand the culture of both countries. [...]

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31 05, 2017

Release of TME 2017 May Version


After eight-month refining efforts, we get the first TME2017 version - 1588 version, which, gaining two-tier approval, has already reached the standard for market launch.   In this version, we add and enhance 29 features in total, to wholly improve the product utility. In addition, auto-testing is adopted again to provide assurance for the software quality.   Feature Highlights Multi Lines Resolve the obstacle that pipes on pictures cannot be identified; support the drawing of multiple pipes at one time and the [...]

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28 09, 2016

TME2017 Release Announcement


The TME team is pleased to announce the release of Cubicost TME 2017 (V2.6504.1.1388) today. The new version has 27 new features and enhancement, including 18 specially designed for overseas branches and subsidiaries. We also offer the latest operation guidance and videos for the service personnel and users to learn TME from scratch.   We sincerely hope that the new version developed with our tremendous efforts will create greater value for users and continue to support the dear fellows from all overseas [...]

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