Construction Technology Exploration with Learning Visit to Glodon HQ, Beijing, China

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24th September 2017 – Glodon valued VIP clients from Jakarta, Indonesia visited the Glodon Headquarters in Beijing, China. There were a total of 9 guests ranging from directors, cost managers, project managers, MEP managers, BIM managers, who came from 6 different Construction Companies. They arrived on 24th September 2017 and stayed for almost 6 days, with the objective to learn and explore various technology provided by Glodon to enhance efficiency in the construction industry, and also to understand the culture of both countries.



They were hosted by Ms. Helen Liu, CEO, International Business Unit (IBU) on the first day of their visit to the HQ. Ms. Helen expressed her warmth welcome to all the guest. She also reminded them to gain as much knowledge as they require, while also have fun and enjoy the city of Beijing. She also hope that the partnership between Glodon and the guests can be strengthened and looking forward to more closer cooperation in the future.


After that, Mr. Eddie Wen, VP, IBU, introduced the company through his presentation entitledCompany Profile for Customer’. He explains the vision, mission and culture of the company. He also gave an insight to the various technological tools developed and provided by the company to enhance efficiencies for clients in the construction industry. Besides that, he also showcase the company’s achievement, well-established branches and subsidiaries and various VIP clients worldwide.



After that, Mr Jack Zhang Ji, VP, Product Division, IBU, introduced ‘Cubicost & Enterprise Value’. In his speech, he gave many examples on value of the software and how it was applied in different projects, by different users, and how it has enhance their work efficiency. Many users expressed their satisfaction after applying the software because it has help them to improve at least up to 50% of their work process. He ended his speech with an awesome quote, ‘There are many beautiful faces in the world, but interesting souls are rare, There are many beautiful concept of BIM in the world, but practical souls are rare, Cubicost is designed to add souls (practical BIM) to the BIM world.’


In the next session, Prof Dr Liu Gang, Head of the Glodon BIM R&D Centre gave a very interesting speech of ‘Embrace Digital Revolution in AEC Industry’. He explains how the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry is moving towards digitalization. He elaborated further on the concept of digitalization, smart design, smart building and smart construction. He also gave a few approach in the digital revolution of the construction industry, and it’s divided into project level, enterprise level and industry level. Finally, he ended his speech with a dedication that Glodon is willing to provide and create an ecosystem which promotes success for the AEC industry.


In the following day, Mr Justin Bong, Chief Technical Engineer, Singapore Branch, gave his speech on the ‘BIM Solution Adoption’. First of all, he showed how the manufacturing industry example cars, have transformed over the past 10 decades, as compared with the development of the construction industry. He further explains on how manufacturing of cars can be automated by machines to improve production, and the digitalized software platform behind the implementation of car manufacturing. Furthermore, he added that this digital platform concept is actually applicable in construction as well. Nowadays, many technology are design in this trend particularly the usage of BIM as a digital platform for the construction industry. He then elaborates further on what technology software and hardware tools can be used to enhance the efficiency in building construction. For example, Cubicost solution for cost management, Smart Helmet for safety management, VR/AR for virtual simulation of construction methods, and finally the BIM5D for project management and resource management in an actual construction site.



The guest were also given a chance to view and explore the BIM Science Room. In here they were shown futuristic images, models and key indicators in providing technology applications for a smart building. After that, the participants were also brought to the VR/AR Room, where they experience hands-on and real-time in the technology of 3D Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. They were shown how a building can be simulated a virtual environment, and how a construction method like the installation of precast can be virtually displayed to workers instead of by   conventional methods. Moreover, they can visualized a completed interior finishes of a room to show buyers of a house, the exact feel of the space or arrangement of furniture.



We are honored, and it was really a pleasure to meet you all. Thank you for visiting, we hope to see you again.