On October 4 2017, Glodon Indonesia participated in a PT. PP Persero TBK event titled Digital Construction Day 2017. This event is regularly held by PT. PP Persero TBK to get to know more about BIM (Building Information Modeling) considering Indonesia construction market is growing rapidly and is expected to be the highest growth in the constructions are among other Asian countries.


The event is divided into two contents, the Exhibition and Conference. Glodon Indonesia as an influential and platinum sponsor gets the opportunity to open a booth at the exhibition to introduce our products to the participants who are mostly influential people in the Indonesian construction. We brought in talented staffs, Mr. Zhang Shukun from Glodon Headquarter which conducted a Virtual Reality technology featuring BIM in 3D which was very interesting and proven to amaze all the participants. And also Mr. Justin Bong from Glodon Singapore who introduced BIM 5D to all participants.



In the Conference content, the opening ceremony was opened by two representatives of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises and the Minister of Public Works, then followed by presentation about the development and standardization of BIM in China by Mr. Wei Lai from China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research.



Mr. Eddie Wen who represents Mr. Yang Xiaoyi from China State Construction & Engineering Corporation was discussing about BIM & Technology in large construction project application. Mr. Robert Yuan who is the CEO of Glodon International, discussed about how BIM create a new era of construction.



Conference and exhibition participants are very fascinated on this event and feel this event is very beneficial for development and construction in Indonesia. They are also hoping that the existing technology in China displayed by Glodon can be applied in Indonesia soon.