Our aim is ensuring our clients’ user experiences of Cubicost Software positive and encouraging yet, promising the outcome as expected. In order to provide the excellent and quality service to the majority of our users, we explore deeper into our user’s requirements in their actual working environments. From there, we developed a complete and integrated Cubicost customer service system. Through this system, we can provide users with interactive, responsive, systematically, friendly services that will certainly enhance their confidence in the usage and trust in the company.


  1. Pre-training target for those people who never approach the software, and for them to understand the value of software.
  2. Basic Training for users who just approach it, mainly to learn flow path and normal basic function.
  3. Intermediate Level Training for users who had completed at least 1 project, to learn a more in-depth explanation on the functions.
  4. Advanced Level Training for users who had completed at least 3 projects, this training will be particularly based on discussion and knowledge sharing.

Project Guidance

A step-by step guide to complete the whole work process using the software. Our service engineer will follow up the working procedure with user so that make sure the user could well apply the software in their work. During the session, the user can surface any queries or problem faced so that our team members can provide detail explanations and suggests’ solutions. The main purpose is to make sure user can successfully use the software and complete a project independently.

To be our Client’s most trusted friend, we uphold our values and maintain the culture in making sure the Client deserve not only the best, we strive to seek continuous improvement as we believe, the best people don’t just fit in culture, we further it.