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2 06, 2016

What’s next? BIM-QS!


Since Building Information Modelling (BIM) receives high volumes of attention in Malaysia, the understanding of the subject among QS professionals is relatively low in term its usability, its likely impact during cost estimating and most importantly, the opportunities for QS to contribute, specifically their roles and responsibility, based on the author’s observation.   How a QS get themselves to become a BIM-ready professional even the rest of the project team has yet to have such decision to engage a full-BIM service for [...]

What’s next? BIM-QS!2017-11-03T07:55:39+00:00
17 03, 2015

The secret of dealing with 7 annoying elements (calculations) in QS tasks


Ever troubled by calculating irregular geometric elements in your project drawings, surveyors?  I seem to see your answers from the eyebrows plunging into a frown. Check out a solution that can turn the notorious misery of quantity surveyors into a piece of cake!   Quantity surveyor is an exciting and promising job as not only do quantity surveyors can help with feasibility studies for construction projects, but also they will play a critical role keeping the cost on track. However, not every [...]

The secret of dealing with 7 annoying elements (calculations) in QS tasks2017-11-03T09:07:04+00:00