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4 10, 2017



On October 4 2017, Glodon Indonesia participated in a PT. PP Persero TBK event titled Digital Construction Day 2017. This event is regularly held by PT. PP Persero TBK to get to know more about BIM (Building Information Modeling) considering Indonesia construction market is growing rapidly and is expected to be the highest growth in the constructions are among other Asian countries.   The event is divided into two contents, the Exhibition and Conference. Glodon Indonesia as an influential and platinum sponsor [...]

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30 09, 2017

Construction Technology Exploration with Learning Visit to Glodon HQ, Beijing, China


24th September 2017 – Glodon valued VIP clients from Jakarta, Indonesia visited the Glodon Headquarters in Beijing, China. There were a total of 9 guests ranging from directors, cost managers, project managers, MEP managers, BIM managers, who came from 6 different Construction Companies. They arrived on 24th September 2017 and stayed for almost 6 days, with the objective to learn and explore various technology provided by Glodon to enhance efficiency in the construction industry, and also to understand the culture of both countries. [...]

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2 06, 2016

What’s next? BIM-QS!


Since Building Information Modelling (BIM) receives high volumes of attention in Malaysia, the understanding of the subject among QS professionals is relatively low in term its usability, its likely impact during cost estimating and most importantly, the opportunities for QS to contribute, specifically their roles and responsibility, based on the author’s observation.   How a QS get themselves to become a BIM-ready professional even the rest of the project team has yet to have such decision to engage a full-BIM service for [...]

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