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21 03, 2017

Glodon’s Socialization & Training in Inkindo


On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Glodon International Pte, Ltd held socialization and training for introduce the software (software) in the field of construction, especially for the calculation of quantity (Cubicost). Socialization and training is held in the seminar room Inkindo Jakarta, located in Jalan Kalibata with the aim to introduce information modeling in the construction world based technology.   The event is divided into two parts. The first part is the socialization and the second is the introduction of the use of [...]

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9 09, 2016

TRB2017 Release Announcement (V3166)


After six months of continuous efforts and hard work, the TRB Team is pleased to announce the release of TRB2017 (V3166). This new release contains optimizations and improvements including:   User Experience - The Great Revolution Great changes have been made to the Calculation Settings to help cut the cost users spending on learning TRB. Drawings are adopted to illustrate all the calculation settings which was previously expressed by table text.   Industry Development - The Eurocodes Singapore-Eurocode, the timely solution to [...]

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