1 05, 2016

Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur a Success


GLODON Annual Conference organised by GLODON Malaysia Branch together with our partners here, BIM WORLD and ECOST LINK, brought our user company’s top management personnel together in Kuala Lumpur on 28th April 2016. This event follows success of the previous conference held in Johor Bahru.   With 200 guests in the hall, including relevant bodies delegates, the conference did not only showcase high capability of the CUBICOST in addressing the industry’s needs, yet, contributed our effort in changing the way traditional QS [...]

Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur a Success2017-11-03T08:00:28+00:00
17 03, 2016

Moving Forward With Improved Competitiveness


GLODON Malaysia branch and partner BIM WORLD & ECOST LINK jointly hold the first conference of this year at Double Tree Hotel, Johor, Malaysia on 17th March 2016.     Johor is an important and well developed area of Malaysia, it is near to Singapore, gathered a group of large contractors and developers from China which are developing a series of big projects. So the position of this conference is, enlarging GLODON brand influence and promoting sales.   The theme is MOVING [...]

Moving Forward With Improved Competitiveness2017-11-03T08:21:45+00:00