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11 10, 2016

CUBICOST CONFERENCE Successful Completed


The CUBICOST CONFERENCE 2016 has just successful completed.   There are almost 190 people came to the CUBICOST CONFERENCE 2016 yesterday,  82% attendance rate, which is one of the most people coming in history. All guests really interested in the conference. With their high passion in the conference, no one leaves before the conference finish.     During the conference, our Chief Technical Engineer, Justin Bong, and our Senior Solution Engineer, Jason Wong gave us a really valuable lecture about the reinforcement [...]

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30 09, 2016

Cubicost Conference Coming Soon


Glodon International Pte. Ltd. is pleased to announce that 2016 CUBICOST CONFERENCE will be hold next month. Everything is ready. Souvenirs as well as gifts are prepared well. You will find our new brand, new logo and new design in this conference. Participants who joined our conference will receive a Cubicost notebook and a Cubicost ball pen. Display stands are finished also.           The conference will be hold on 11th Oct 2016, which is about the Implementation of Eurocodes, [...]

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9 09, 2016

TRB2017 Release Announcement (V3166)


After six months of continuous efforts and hard work, the TRB Team is pleased to announce the release of TRB2017 (V3166). This new release contains optimizations and improvements including:   User Experience - The Great Revolution Great changes have been made to the Calculation Settings to help cut the cost users spending on learning TRB. Drawings are adopted to illustrate all the calculation settings which was previously expressed by table text.   Industry Development - The Eurocodes Singapore-Eurocode, the timely solution to [...]

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