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31 03, 2017

Cubicost Q&A —— You Own Online Service Platform


Hello everyone, When you are in the process of using software if you ever meet the flowing situation? 1. Forget the operating process of the software. 2. Could not find the position of the function button. 3. Could not remember how to operate some functions. 4. Could not handle complex component. Don’t worry , Cubicost Q&A will help you.   In order to improve the experiences of using software, reduce the learning costs of applying software, and also provide customer a convenient [...]

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24 03, 2017

Cubicost Off-Site Technical Support — Singapore


Dear Customer, Have you ever met a problem or question but difficult to describe in the phone call? Have you try to find a service engineer but he/she is very busy? Now we got 5 method for technique support. Now we have Whatsapp, Hotline, Service Email, WeChat, and Cubicost Q&A (Plug-in software). The most important is we will set one service engineer on duty every day. Whatsapp: +65 98992779 Hotline: +65 65671643 Email: sg_service@glodon.com WeChat: CubicostSG Cubicost Q&A: Plug-in Software. With these [...]

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